Workshop Report Now Available

The report of the workshop ” Towards Trans-boundary cooperation for the conservation of Argali (Ovis ammon), held 2-4 December 2012, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan is now available in both languages (English and Russian).

Отчет  встречи “Трансграничное сотрудничество по сохранению аргали (Ovis ammon), которая состоялась 2-4 декабря 2012, в Бишкеке, Кыргызстан доступен  на англ. и русск. языках.

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Towards an International Action Plan for Argali Conservation

P1050502Please find the presentations of the workshop here.

The countries of Central Asia gathered in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, from 2-4 December, to discuss the conservation of the Argali Sheep. CMS, together with GIZ, provided the range states of the Argali an opportunity to discuss trophy hunting and other sustainable management techniques. An international Action Plan for the transboundary management of the species is being finalized, which benefited also  from the expert advice of CITES, TRAFFIC, FFI and CIC. Highlights of the meeting included learning from Pakistan and their very successful community lead Markhor trophy hunting programme, as well as from Kyrgyzstan and their new hunting legislation to improve the sustainable management of argali and other migratory ungulates.

group photoУчастники из стран Центральной Азии собрались в Бишкеке, Кыргызстан, 2-4 декабря, чтобы обсудить сохранение горных баранов Аргали. Секретариат Конвенции по мигрирующим животным (CMS), совместно с GIZ, предоставили возможность обсудить вопросы трофейной охоты и других устойчивых методов управления дикой природы участникам из стран ареала распространения аргали.

В настоящее время завершается обобщение регионального плана действий по управлению трансграничными видами, в доработку которого сделали свой вклад эксперты СИТЕС, TRAFFIC, FFI и CIC. Особо значимым уроками на встрече был опыт Пакистана и их успешная программа по улучшению трофейной охоты на мархоров, основанной на сообществах, а также опыт Кыргызстана и их новое законодательство в области охотпользования, способствующее улучшению устойчивого управления аргали и другими мигрирующими копытными. Continue reading

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Transboundary Conservation of Argali Gains Further Momentum

Текст на русском языке см. ниже

A range of activities have taken place to progress conservation and transboundary cooperation for argali since the species was listed on Appendix II of the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) nearly one year ago. The development of an international action plan on the conservation of argali and their habitat will now be the focus of a workshop, which will take place on 2-4 December in Bishkek. An overview on the past developments as well as on possible next steps, which will also be discussed at the workshop, are available here (see below summary presentation in Russian and English). Continue reading

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The Deadly Effects of Border Fences: New Evidence from Central Asia

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Very disturbing news came recently from the Little Pamir region: 16 carcasses of Marco Polo sheep were found near the fence along the border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan, just within about three kilometers distance from the border. Such great numbers the dead animals in a small area seem to provide further evidence of the deadly impact of border fences on wildlife. Especially for fleeing animals, being chased by predators (snow leopard, wolves) or hunters, such strong barbed wire fences constitute an almost complete barrier and cause serious injuries and deaths when the animals hit the fence with great speed. This border infrastructure bisects the ecosystems and natural habitat of wildlife not only along the geopolitical boundaries in the Pamir region, involving Tajikistan, Afghanistan, China and Pakistan. Continue reading

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New Report: Gaps and Options for Enhancing Argali Conservation in Central Asia

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Bonn, 9 August 2012 – The threatened argali mountain sheep (Ovis ammon) would greatly benefit from improved transboundary conservation under the Convention of Migratory Species (CMS) – this is the conclusion of a study, which assesses the gaps and needs of argali conservation as well as the option for promoting such cooperation under CMS.

The argali was listed on CMS Appendix II at the 10th CMS Conference of the Parties (COP10) in November 2011 following a proposal submitted by Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. The proposal received great support and several other range states of the species such as Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan, also expressed their interest in developing transboundary conservation of argali under CMS on different occasions. At the same time, COP10 adopted Resolution 10.16, which lists a set of criteria that need to be taken into consideration when making any proposal for a new instrument under CMS, including the “substantiation of the case for a new instrument, based on an analysis of needs and gaps in current conservation provisions”. Continue reading

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Central Asian countries develop road map towards trans-boundary conservation of argali

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Key conservation stakeholders from Central Asiaagreed on first steps to improve their cooperation for the trans-boundary management of the argali mountain sheep (Ovis ammon). Representatives of governmental agencies, hunting companies, scientific institutions and NGOs, from Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, the Russian Federation, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan met from 22 to 26 March 2012 on the German island of Vilm to discuss ways to ensure the conservation and sustainable use of argali. The threatened ungulate, inhabiting mountains, steppe valleys and rocky outcrops in eleven Central Asian countries, was listed on CMS Appendix II at the 10th CMS Conference of the Parties in November 2011. Continue reading

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Central Asian countries discuss trans-boundary management of migratory ungulates

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During a workshop held 22-27 June 2011 at the International Academy for Nature Conservation in Germany, key conservation stakeholders from the Caucasus and Central Asia agreed on first steps to improve their cooperation on the transboundary management of endangered mountain ungulates. Experts from governmental agencies and scientific institutions from Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan met on the Isle of Vilm in order to discuss methods for monitoring wildlife populations and determining sustainable hunting levels. Continue reading

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